Just Like Mom Policies

Below are some of the important points of our policies:

The care of children is a cooperative effort between the family and the child care provider. Please note that state regulation prohibits me, the provider, from accepting any child into care until the proper forms have been completed and returned. These forms include the Emergency Information Card, Health Inventory Form, Health Inventory Addendum and Immunization Record.

It is important to pick your child up on time. Infants and toddlers are ready to be picked up at their scheduled time. Pick up after the agreed time may be considered overtime and it. may inconvenience other parents and the childcare provider. Please call if you will be more than fifteen minutes late in dropping off or picking up your child. For the safety of the child and the protection of the childcare provider, no one other than the parent/guardian or person(s) listed on the Emergency Information Card will be permitted to pick up the child without advance notice.

According to state regulations, a provider may not allow a child to enter or remain in care if the child is exhibiting symptoms of acute illness. Under no circumstance is a sick child to attend to Just Like Mom's Childcare. A child who has a fever, diarrhea, a seizure, a rash, has been vomiting, has any other contagious condition, or needs close attention is to be kept at home. The children should be allowed to fully recover from an illness in the comfort of their own home. The other children in care can be exposed to any disease your child may have. Furthermore, a child with a frequent, active cough and a runny nose needs to be at home. The childcare provider will decide whether or not the parent needs to come for the child. Parents agree to pay childcare fees to hold the child's position during any time or during extended leave. Full payment must be received whether or not child attends to hold his/her spot in the childcare. Continual disregard for this policy may result in the immediate termination of one's contract.

A Medication Order Form with directions signed by a parent must accompany medications to be administered by the provider. All medications must be provided by the parents in the original container and include written instructions. It would be helpful to inform the provider of any possible side effects. The provider will not administer the first dose of any medication to your child. The first dose must be administered at home with several hours for parents to observe the child for a possible allergy. In case of a fever during childcare hours, the provider has the parent/guardian's permission to administer an aspirin-free pain reliever to their child as long as they are notified. If needed, the provider has permission to apply topical ointment, such as diaper rash cream, A & D, or Neosporin.

Probationary Period:
The first four weeks of care are considered probationary. Either the parents or the child care provider may terminate the initial agreement at any time during this period.

Play Policy:
By signing the Just Like Mom's Child Care Contract, the parent/guardian gives their consent for their child to play in the permitted areas using the provided toys, the child's own toys, the sprinkler, and other toys with the provider's supervision. The provider is not responsible for any injuries including bleeding, scratches, and other injuries beyond the provider's control. First aid will be given immediately in such cases. As soon as the parent comes to pick up the child, he/she is the parent's responsibility. Just Like Mom is not responsible for the child when their parents are present.

Inclement Weather:
Child care service is available and no adjustments will be made due to absenteeism. If an emergency vehicle cannot safely navigate my street, the child care will be CLOSED. If the child care facility has no electric power, the child care will be CLOSED. Parents are responsible for bringing their child to the child care in bad weather. Just Like Mom will not be liable for anything due to bad weather.

Below are some important form you will need to fill out before starting the child care service: